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Intentionally doing the complex work to heal the soul wounding effects of personal, intergenerational, and historical trauma is revolutionary. Allow me to be an integral part of your healing journey.

Dr. Kimberly J .

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If You Are Ready To Open Up To Your Innate Power To Heal And Transform Your Life RIGHT NOW, You Are Right Where You Belong.  Please accept my love offering for visiting…

Why Journey to
Wholeness Center?

Journey to Wholeness Center was created to address the need for a sacred space that centers the lives of women in particular, and the holistic work that must be done to reclaim our bodies for liberation, healing, and empowerment.

We are on a profound journey of exploring who we are and why we are. This journey is filled with experiences both rewarding and challenging, which motivate us to heal, or make whole aspects of ourselves that have been disconnected and disembodied as a result of our relationships with self, family, community, and the world at large. Now is the time to shift, to do the work to heal our mind, bodies, and spirits, and intentionally create the lives we desire to experience and the legacies we want to leave future generations.

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The Journey to Wholeness Center provides services that promote embodied holistic healing. Our approach to healing integrates Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual tools and techniques to help you achieve balance, harmony, wellness, empowerment, and joy.
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Journey University

Journey to Wholeness Center offers On-Demand and Live classes and workshops that center healing, wholeness, and self-empowerment.

Obtain knowledge, tools, and techniques to integrate into your daily life to promote healing and healthy ways of being in relationship with yourself and others.

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I am Dr. Kimberly J.

Mother of Khristian and Kevin; Othermother of Brittany; Daughter of Elaine; Daughter of Thelma; Daughter of Womazetta; Daughter of Susie; Daughter of Callie; Daughter of Carrie

Founder of Journey to Wholeness Center; Spiritual Scholar, Activist, Teacher; Master Intuitive Healing Practitioner; Reiki Master; Spiritual Life Coach; MBA; PhD in Philosophy and Religion with a concentration in Women’s Spirituality

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Conscious Community Magazine Feature Story

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