Finding Purpose & Passion in 2020

The place I live and work is colorful, deep, soulful, creative, unique, emotional, and forever sacred.
—Alisa Starkweather, Birthing Awake the Dream

The beautiful journey to discovering and uncovering the depths of your passion and sacred purpose through vocation can be both enlightening and intimidating. You experience moments of profound clarity in knowing your work in the world is aligned to a deeper, higher calling. However, this clarity is often coupled with a profound sense of fear that calls into question your courage, competence, and worthiness to execute your mission. The process of integrating all aspects of your being into a vocation that sustains you not only financially, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, requires a great deal of visualization for actualization.

One powerful tool for visualization is meditation. Through meditation one can create a vision of their ideal life, and sit with how that experience feels in the body. This empowered stillness allows you to reimagine your life and re-envision your work in the world. With these new images implanted into your conscious mind, you can begin the work to create a custom blueprint for how to integrate your passion and purpose into your daily work experiences.

The creation of a personalized vocational blueprint is dependent upon a clear knowing of your innate qualities, abilities, and talents, and how these gifts are informed by your core values. Infusing your core values, be it love, family happiness, wisdom, spirituality, and/or inner harmony into the discovery of your vocation will provide the clarity and wisdom required to attract a career that you are passionate about. Notice, that I do not equate passion, purpose, and vocation solely to financial worth. The discovery of your purpose in the world goes beyond individual material gain. When you integrate passion and purpose with career you are creating holistic abundance and prosperity for yourself, family, community, and the world. If you want to learn more about meditation, or would like assistance to discover your life’s mission and vocation, please contact me at Journey to Wholeness Center, www.journeytowholeness.org.

I would love to help. Blessings!

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