I Am Worthy

You must be courageous enough to explore the depth of your inner-being, inclusive of pain and trauma, to fully realize self and deem her/him/they worthy.
–Kimberly J.

Who Am I, Really?

Posing this question begins the journey to self-exploration and establishing a sacred relationship with self. Reclaiming the pure essence of the embodied heart, prior to parental, societal, and egotistical conditioning is the key to loving ourselves enough to do the work to liberate mind, body, and spirit from oppressive, mundane cycles of fear, trauma, and unhappiness. You get to choose. Are you choosing to immerse yourself in the person you have constructed yourself to be based upon everyone else’s vision? Or are you choosing to be your own unique vision and version of you? Self-worthiness is predicated upon a fully realized self. One who acknowledges their pain and suffering as an integral part of their journey without fear or judgement; one who chooses daily to be the best version of self that they can be; one who is committed to boundaries; one who sees and embodies the power of spirit; one who divests from people, situations, and experiences that do not represent their highest expression of self. Self-worthiness is a conscious choice.

Who and what are you choosing?

10 Steps to Reclaiming Self-Worthiness

1. Acknowledge emotional, mental, and physical pain and trauma. Stop avoiding and hiding your wounds.

2.Shift your narrative from being the victim to victor. You own the telling and perspective of your narrative.

3.Take ownership for creating your life. Everything around you is a product of your conscious choices, your creation. If you don’t like it, change it.

4. Seek and trust divine inner guidance and discernment, you know what’s best for you.

5. Seek professional assistance – counselors, healing practitioners, workshops, life coaches, retreats.

6. Engage in daily rituals to affirm your power – meditation, affirmations, mantras, journaling, breath-work.

7. Divest from negative people, experiences, and activities that drain your energy.

8. Do mindful exercises – Yoga, Qi-gong, Tai chi

9. Date yourself, treat yourself to alone time, spa, dinner, movies. The most important relationship to cultivate is with yourself.

10. Always under all circumstances speak and stand in your personal truth.

Self-worthiness is the acceptance and acknowledgement of your authentic self which is rooted in healing and reclaiming every aspect of your holistic being-mind, body, emotion, and spirit. You can do it. You’re worth it.

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