The Antidote

“In a world marked by violent ethnic, racial, and religious conflict and deepening social and economic inequality, any possibility of social transformation {and healing}…requires a spiritual revolution.”
–Leela Fernandes

All disease and illness comes from imbalances in our personal, familial, social, and global environments. The current viral mass invader is produced, reproduced, and feasts on those imbalances. The extent to which we are engulfed by this pandemic is a direct reflection of the pandemics we are slowly dying from in our bodies, families, societies, and governments.

The year 2020 ushered in the energy of massive structural transformation to support a new global paradigm of egalitarianism, liberation, healing, and empowerment. We are being challenged to dismantle and rebuild dysfunctional, unsustainable, oppressive, hegemonic, systems of power, control, and greed. Either we can sit idly by and witness the destruction or we can do the work to heal and transform. Consumerism, abuse of Mother Earth and her natural resources, abuse of the animal kingdom, abuse of children, police abuse, desensitization to poverty and homelessness, greed, poor dietary habits, rugged individualism, indifference to injustice, racism, sexism, homophobia, mass incarceration, caged children, are all egregious acts of bipolar imbalances. As a result, our personal and collective immune systems are compromised.

The antidote is not a vaccine. I repeat, the antidote is not a vaccine. A vaccine is a chemical cloning of the aforementioned imbalanced energies; it is produced with the intention of greed, and injected with the manipulative power of fear. Fear serves to keep us paralyzed, complacent, and complicit in our oppression.

The only antidote is lifestyle change both personally and collectively. We must shift to indigenous ways of being in relationship with ourselves, each other, the land, and planet. As such, honoring the sacredness of every living species, and divesting from the commodification of human and non human nature. So where do we begin? First, we must heal our minds, bodies, emotions and spirits by raising our energetic vibration and boosting our immune systems. Below are suggestions for strengthening the mind-body system. The antidote lies within your balanced body.

1. Trust the genius of your body. The body was created to heal itself given the optimal environment of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional balance and wellness.

2. The antidote is your energetic body. Illness and disease resonate at a lower vibration. Elevate your vibration through holistic lifestyle changes; nutrition–fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots; sleep; exercise; meditation; nature—trees, sunshine, moonlight; prayer; gratitude; receiving energy; aligning with your divine purpose; being love and joy; and disconnecting from negative fear-based energy, experiences, and people.

3. Fear and worry lowers your vibration, matching that of illness and disease.

4. Use and trust your intuitive senses to navigate your movement safely in the world.

5. We are all interconnected. Raising our vibration as a collective will destroy the virus. However, lowering our vibration through fear, selfishness, worry, blame, shame, ostracism, and anger will feed it.

6. Disengage or detox from mainstream and social media. If you find that too difficult, limit your time to less than an hour a day.

7. Breathe, be still, be compassionate, read, write, pray, meditate, love, laugh, reflect, give gratitude, sleep, dream, honor this moment in time to experience the ebb and flow of life with courage and humility.

Kimberly J.

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