The Sacred Art of Healing

The art of using healing touch and caring hearts, relationships and remembrance, to ease the pain of self and others, be they physical, emotional, or spiritual pains. It is the art of cultivating awareness that we are surrounded by Spirit, by energies and elements, ancestors and guides with whom we can be in contact and in dialogue as we make our daily round
–Anna Joyce

My pathway to the sacred healing arts was a yellow brick road to an entirely new way of being in relationship with myself, children, family, community and the world. I was introduced to the art and mystery of healing in 2010 by way of navigating spaces within the depths of my being to restore and remember what had been lost inside of me. I was immersed and lost in a masculine world of duality and hierarchy that no longer served my heart and soul. I was starving for meaning, truth and connection, something far greater than the capitalistic ideologies of success and financial bottom lines which consumed me both professionally and personally. The sacred healing arts was my parachute out of 25 years of corporate management and into my divine feminine body which housed the sacred mysteries of cosmological existence and most of all healing. As a result of my own healing journey, I was empowered to create spaces for other women to find the source of their sacred power within.

This natural and supernatural power is required for women to overcome doubt, fear, abuse, and intergenerational trauma and internalized oppression, which often makes us complicit in our own pain and suffering. The sacred art of healing is divine in that it brings new harmonious life force energy into our physical vessel–damaged, worn, and weary–by the forces of patriarchy, sexism, racism, and capitalism. Healing as a sacred art emphasizes our power to create, and our worthiness to manifest the beauty of our creations. Reality is created based upon individual and collective choices. Making choices from a place of higher consciousness requires accountability and reflection, taking moments to explore and investigate the realities we have created, and embodying the courage to course correct and recreate when necessary. I believe one of the primary reasons for our incarnation is to create the world we want to experience. The sacred art of healing is about connecting with the divine forces within—spirit, ancestors, God, Goddess, angels, spirit guides, masters, teachers—to create spaces for wholeness, expression, dreaming, healing, truth, beauty, love, and compassion. Without it, we would cease to exist.

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