The Sacred Power of Love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Love is the foundation for all creation. It is an outpouring, an expression of all there is. Without love there is no creation, no manifestation, no peace, no sleep, no life. Our planet is mired by its inability to love. You do not love one another which is a direct result of not loving yourselves. When you accept that there is no difference, that your differences are only a mirage, and that you are one in the same, then maybe, just maybe you can love yourselves, and as a result each other. This great experiment here on earth is all about the oneness of creation, the love of creator, and the unification of perceived differences, understanding that these differences are truly an illusion of the mind. The mind is the most powerful tool on the planet. However, it is just that, a tool! Powerful is the one that can use the mind as a tool, and not his master. Love is the master, the ruler, the non-negotiable. It is the means to create your ideal of heaven on earth, the connector of human form and spirit. Love is not an outward expression of deeds. It is surrender, peace, gratitude, lived experiences, an acceptance for all there is and not as it appears to be.

Love cannot be bought or sold on an open market. It can only be cultivated from within. Cultivated, nurtured, and grown from your ability to plant seeds of love in your everyday life. Seeds that reside within and are created by you. Seeds of courage, wisdom, perseverance, growth, gratitude, expansion, peace and compassion. You create the seeds from your sacred heart, pollinating them with the breath, and spreading them throughout your entire body. Use the mind to cultivate, nourish, and grow the seeds. The body co-creates with mind using balance and oneness to emit and radiate high vibrations and frequencies of love and light. As the light moves through space and time, it draws upon more energies that emanate and radiate at higher frequencies resulting in beautiful expansion and evolution of life.

The mysteries of love lie in your ability to create the seeds that sow your inner universe. Your inner universe is a place of expansion of spirit, of all that words are inadequate to describe. Discover the vastness and the power of your innerverse. It far supersedes any facet of the mind. Allow it to be your playground, a space for discovering your power center, literally your power plant. The universe is waiting for you to consciously pour life force energies of connection and expansion onto the planet, clearly seeing beyond density, fear, and judgement, which are creations of the mind. Go into the depths of your inner universe. Get comfortable there. It is so much to explore, free from all limitations and control by the mind. The place where sacred love resides.

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