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My Journey to Wholeness

The Journey to Wholeness Center was birthed in the winter of 2015, a divine labor of love. At the age of 42, four years prior to opening the center, I embarked upon my own personal journey to wholeness. The stress and pressure of balancing a high-powered corporate career with raising two young active boys as a single mother, while trying to carve out my own niche in the world became overwhelming. I was physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually depleted. Tapped out, with nothing left to give anyone including myself, I decided to prioritize my needs for balance, harmony, joy, and connection. I had become consciously aware that there was more to life than perceived success rooted in material wealth and capital gain.

In my quest to reclaim a deeper part of my soul, I attended a spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona that changed my life. I was privileged with working with some of the most amazing healing practitioners. These divine conduits of healing used many of the same healing technologies that I now use to facilitate healing for my clients at Journey to Wholeness Center. Integrating various modalities of holistic healing, and doing the messy work of releasing fears and insecurities resulting from intergenerational trauma provided me with the clarity, wisdom, discernment, and energy I needed to maintain a harmonious, empowered, and liberated lifestyle. In addition, it put me on the path of discovering my life’s purpose and passion.

My sacred journey to wholeness led me to both Egypt and Bali, where I studied ancient spiritual traditions and traditional healing techniques. Studying and experiencing indigenous cultures and their traditional healing practices provided insight into the need for us to reclaim our cultural, indigenous spiritual practices for embodied healing and empowerment.

My life’s purpose and mission are to provide a sacred space that empowers others to heal from within. Self-healing is imperative for universal healing, which is desperately needed on our planet today. As a spiritual activist, scholar, and teacher, I center women in their ability to heal from intergenerational trauma suffered as a result of internalized oppression rooted in racist, sexist, imperialistic, patriarchal belief systems.

The Journey to Wholeness Center is a sacred space that connects one’s desire for healing and wholeness to knowledge, resources, tools, and services that promote personal and universal healing. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to facilitate the work required to heal our personal, familial, communal, and universal bodies.

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