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Tamara Brooks

Senior Financial Analyst, University of Chicago

My soul journey and reading with Kimberly Davis was a very powerful moment in my life. I gained some true understanding of me and the spirit of who I am. When I had many questions about why I am the way I am, Kim was able to call to her Angels and get a read on where and who I had been lifetimes ago. Her amazing energy and spirit was able to feel the other side and connect to the spirit of my mom, whose death has had a profound painful impact on my life that I truly could not get over. Since that reading, I have been on a profound path of spiritual awareness and I now feel like I have a much more connection to my soul. It is as if the emotional static of her death was jamming my frequency and her connecting to my mom’s spirit was an amazing experience for me and gave me such faith that Kimberly Davis has a divine calling to do this incredible work. She has a way of looking at your aura, and is able to get a sense of who you really are and communicate of past experiences that have affected me. Her readings were not predictive of my future, as psychics do, but the focus of looking at my spiritual energy and chakras to give me the clearest sense of the meaning of my aura. She also was able to identify who I was from my spiritual background, and that was such a powerful Comparison of who I am to other people and other children today and my need to care for them as I do. When my session was done, I felt better than I had in such a long time and something shifted that I just can’t put my finger on.

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