Our Holistic Healing Services
are Transformative

Our approach to healing is integrative. We provide solutions that assist in balancing and restoring mind, body, and spirit for optimal wellness.

Holistic Healing Offerings

Holistic healing is an approach to wellness that explores how your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual states of being are adversely impacted primarily by traumas and fears. As such, this method of healing addresses health issues resulting from internalized fear and trauma by releasing energetic blocks and assisting you in remembering your innate power to heal and transform your life.

Our offerings are virtual and can be booked online.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Customized personal life coaching sessions to assist you in redefining, transforming, and reclaiming a life of joy, peace, wholeness and balance. I introduce and integrate spiritual tools and technologies that guide, support, and challenge you to do the work to heal and transform your life. If you are looking to build new relationships, establish a new a career, heal embodied trauma from past experiences, or just create a new way of being in relationship with yourself and the world, this program is for you.

Our program extends over a 12 week period with six personal coaching sessions. Activities in the form of Meditations, Journaling, Rituals, Movement, Readings, etc. will be assigned after each session.

Session I: Assess Current State

Session II: Discover Higher Self

Session III: Map Your Journey

Session IV: Energy Tune-Up

Session V: Check-in

Session VI: Integrate & Close

Wellness Assessment

Intuitive consultation to discuss your wellness needs, issues, and concerns. I recommend services, tools, & techniques to navigate your personal journey to healing, empowerment, and wellness.

Reiki Energy Healing

One hour energy healing session. I remotely channel life force energy to you to promote healing and relaxation, remove energetic blocks, and reduce pain and discomfort. Client must be situated in an uninterrupted environment conducive for receiving energy.



Akashic Records Consultation

One hour intuitive personal consultation. I provide wisdom, knowledge, and tools for healing directly from your Akashic records. You will receive divine guidance in any area of your life that you need clarity, direction, guidance, and/or validation–love relationships, career, finances, health, family, past life-times, trauma, ancestors, etc.


Corporate Wellness Offering

Corporate wellness programs enhance the quality of life for staff at all levels. In addition, they positively impact overall company wellness, productivity, and retention.

The Journey to Wholeness Center is excited to partner with you to help realize the key benefits of a strong wellness initiative:

  • Increase employee morale
  • Lower employee attrition
  • Enhance work/life balance
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower company healthcare costs

Proactively address & manage pandemic stress, anxiety, grief & fear.

Please contact me if you are interested in having us customize and facilitate a workshop or wellness program for your corporation or organization.

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