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Been working with Kimberly for quite a while now, and being a Journey to wholeness member has been amazing! With such a busy life, being a monthly membership forces me to slow down and be present with spirit by being able to book my restorative Reiki sessions, or my insightful Akashic readings. Also being able to have access to all the other amazing courses Kim provides; is a win win!


I started working with Kim at the Journey to Wholeness Center in 2019 with an Akashic records reading. I was already on a path to spirituality and awareness but that reading opened up a pathway for me that was life altering. It made a lot of things in my life “make sense” but it was working with Kimberly that helped me see the areas of my life that needed an energetic shift. At the start of the pandemic the Journey to Wholeness family was my lifeline; healing circles, discussions, connection, and having a community of like-minded people kept me grounded and quite honestly, sane. It also made me crave more, which is why I made the choice to become a Journey Member. As a member I have taken advantage of the courses, the events, the meditations, the training, the newsletter, and the monthly healing sessions helped me grow and develop as an intuitive but also helped guide me on a new career path and opened up creative centers in myself that I had closed. Being a member and using the tools of the membership helped me renew my inner-knowing, guide me in decisions and goals, and helped me own my power.

Cheryl M

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Experience monthly healing services, unlimited on-demand courses, meditations, newsletters, and special discounts on Spiritual Life Coaching and all other products and services.